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Advisory Board

Who wants to grow, must keep on learning. From the successful. For our own and our client’s benefits we use experience of successful entrepreneurs and outstanding people.

Petr Rokůsek

Petr Rokůsek Visionary, Co-founder and Co-owner of numerous businesses

“The most important is to search for your own way / path. And search for it within yourself. Trying to be a better human / person in every moment and retaining your integrity even at cost of making mistakes.“

Petr Šmída

Petr Šmída Entrepreneur, Internationally successful manager and investor

  • Co-founder of Multiservis (1993-97)
  • CEO GE Capital Bank in Czech Republic (1998-2003)
  • Global Board of Directors Member for GE Capital in the USA (2003-2004)
  • CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors of Alfa Bank in Russia (2004-2008)
  • Chair of Supervisory Board of Alfa Bank (2010-present)
  • Founder of Investment Group Enern

“Courage… that is not the absence of fear, it is rather a decision that something else is more important than fear… The brave do not have to live forever, but the careful often do not live at all… From this moment, you are on your way from who you are today, to who you can me tomorrow. The most essential is letting yourself follow your own path.“

Petr Sýkora

Petr Sýkora Entrepreneur, Sportsman and Philanthropist

  • Co-founder of the firm Papirius (1993),
  • Successfully sold it to Office Depot from the USA (2006)
  • Co-founder and enthusiastic leader of charitable foundation Dobrý anděl

“Happiness for me is the feeling of peace, balance, joy. However the more you try to reach happiness, the more it slips away. If someone focuses only on their own happiness/fortune, they can never be happy.“

Jiří Rozvařil

Jiří Rozvařil Entrepreneur, Visionary and Philanthropist

  • Founder and Shareholder of Colognia press, a.s.
  • Founder and Partner of Plantyst, s.r.o.
  • Foudner of charitable foundation Lepší místo

“I have three essential life cognitions: 1) Programming taught me, how important it is to have an image of the final state. 2) First fifteen years of building a company taught me that the journey is the destination, and that data in databases are not enough, because the world is formed by people. 3) Roman taught me the substance of a coach and mentor in life and in business – experience and tools, which he shares with me, bring more joy to my business. Many thanks for that.“

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