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Together with you, we will define clear and measurable priorities, on which you can truly focus. We will help you to develop a simple system that will ensure that the priorities are met. We will support you in creating a culture of cooperation, responsibility and meaningfulness – and all that while having fun!

Even the best ships sometimes need to adjust their course.

Roman Stupka - CEO PeStratEx

  Roman Stupka

My entire life I have been managing something or someone…

… as a CEO or a member of the BoDs. During my twenty years of experience, I successfully established a branch of an American corporation with a portfolio of products in 8 different business units. I built the business from zero to 1.5 billion CZK in revenue and 250 employees. Following this role, I was in the business of transforming almost “untransformable” companies – Ceska Pojistovna and Czech Telekom – where I was in charge of thousands of, more or less, unmotivated employees. After another four years in Ericsson Czech Republic and Slovakia, I decided to finish my corporate career. I felt like I need to move on.

I switched a comfortable “polished” office for various factory spaces, travelling to Olomouc, Hlinsko, Husinec, Velke Mezirici, Lazne Tousen etc., wearing jeans and slightly worn out jacket instead of a dark suit. During the next 4 years, I faced existential problems of three Czech manufacturing companies in the possession of private capital (Grapo Technologies, ETA Hlinsko, Window Holding) It was a stressful yet enriching experience, when the problems the firms were facing were similar or identical to one another: radical decrease in sales, stressed out management, apathetic employees…every time, it was about putting out a fire.

In December 2013 I finished the last project of crisis management – when we successfully found a new investor for the Window Holding a.s., which acquired the debt from the creditors, brought in new capital and saved 750 jobs in four factories in various locations around Bohemia and Moravia. The company caught a second breath. And this ended another era of my work.

I decided to need to share what I had learned, but this time, in a different way.

Instead of being a “fireman” solving crises, I spend my time with firms that have potential to grow, interesting products, inspiring owners, however firms that still need to gain experience, give motivation to their employees, establish better processes, simply firms that need to acquire new energy for their existence and growth. I also help the owners exit the company or pass the management to someone else – either family or professional managers.

Other than my experience and knowledge from regular education I use a set of tools and procedures of successful companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world called the Rockefeller Habits, which are now already in use by 40 thousand companies worldwide. The availability of experience and know-how of community of top-class international mentors allows me to search further for any of my or my client’s unanswered questions. And this is not even close to where the options for growth support of my clients end…

In the end, I’m not ‘directing’ anyone anymore… instead, I help to reach further growth and development of firms, their owners and managers.

I work with owners and management teams of companies. During our regular meetings we discuss the basic questions of how the company functions, we prepare pragmatic steps in order to work towards a solution which can be implemented right away. Using the methods of coaching ensures that my clients are able to adopt the necessary tools, that work for their business, and therefore secure prosperity of their firm for the future.

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Roman Stupka


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Roman Stupka - PeStratEx – People, Strategy, Execution FOUR DECISIONS(TM) CERTIFIED GAZELLES COACH
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